You’ll be pleased to know that although this blog is all about me, it certainly won’t be all about me!

I’m absolutely passionate about spreading knowledge and information and in this section I am going to post links to specific websites, web pages and other digital resources that I have found really useful.

To access one of the referenced sites, please simply click on the section heading in bold and the link will open in a new tab / page.

Fylde Bird Club  Home page of Fylde Bird Club and links to resources such as the last two months of recent sightings and a fantastic Google Maps Resources with details on most sites across the Fylde Coast that are good for birdwatching and also provides a list of expected and rare birds seen at these sites.

Trektellen With every year seeing the addition of 100,000+ observation hours by 1000s of observers Trektellen is the largest public database of migration and seawatch counts and ringing results. Search by Continent, Country or site – the resources and data is truly mind blowing.

Useful Websites – 01/09/23

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